Automated Databricks
Cluster Management

Gain full visbility and control of your Databricks ecosystem with ML-Powered cluster management
to save engineering time and reduce your costs by 50%

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What our users have to say:

I’d be surprised if there was any data team on the planet that wouldn’t save money and time by using Gradient.

Jesse Lancaster
VP Data Platform,

With its automated optimization of distributed Spark jobs and scalable solutions, Gradient guarantees seamless pipeline operation, enabling us to focus on delivering products and features to our customers.

Blaine Elliot
Data Platform Engineer, Abnormal

Sync [Gradient] is an excellent tool that tackles a challenging problem and delivers real results that you can see in your AWS bill.

Deniz Parmaksız
Sr. Data Engineer, Insider

If our current data load stays consistent for the rest of the year, we will be projected to save around $100k from [Gradient].

Matthew Weingartner
Sr. Data Engineer, Disney

Sync helped me optimize my Databricks jobs and reduced costs by 70%. They make optimizing Databricks easy and pain free so I can focus on other important business tasks.

Sr. Engineer at Global Media Company

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