Let computers provision computers

Sync harnesses the computational power of physics to find the best way to provision the cloud for data/ML workloads

The Sync

The cloud compactor –

Sync automatically reconfigures and reschedules big data and ML jobs to make the cloud easier, faster, and cheaper.

Latest news:

Provision Databricks clusters based on cost and performance

Duolingo saves 55% on their production jobs!

Powered by Physics

See the groundbreaking technology that makes this all possible

we believe:

Let developers code

Developers shouldn’t be wasting time optimizing cloud infrastructure

The cloud is inefficient

Current schedulers are drastically inefficient, costing time and money

Business-led infrastructure

Business goals should inform infrastructure decisions, not the other way around

What we’re building:


Apache Spark configuration made simple: Just pick your desired cost and runtime, and we’ll auto-populate the rest.


Schedule, launch, and tune thousands of complex jobs in multi-tenant environments to get the most efficient use of the cloud.

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