Scale Databricks Intelligently

Continuously optimize Databricks Jobs clusters to hit your SLA goals and lower costs by 25-50%


How it works

We built Gradient to provide the best optimization and integration experience possible

Auto Databricks jobs import

Got a lot of jobs? Gradient can automatically fetch all of your qualified jobs and import them

Databricks autoscaling optimization

Whether you use fixed clusters or autoscaling, Gradient is able to optimize both

You set max runtime, we’ll find the lowest cost

Simply set your ideal max runtime and we’ll provide the configuration that hits your runtime goal at the lowest cost

Airflow and Databricks Workflows integrations

New python libraries and quick-start tutorials for Airflow and Databricks Workflows make it easy to integrate Gradient into your favorite orchestrators.

Eliminate waste without sacrificing performance

Gradient continuously monitors your cluster metrics after each job run to let you know of new opportunities for optimization and aggregates data to inform a better recommendation for next time.

“Sync Autotuner is an excellent tool that tackles a challenging problem and delivers real results that you can see in your AWS bill.” Deniz Parmaksız Sr. Data Engineer, Insider
“If our current data load stays consistent for the rest of the year, we will be projected to save around $100k from the autotuner.” Matthew Weingartner Sr. Data Engineer, Disney
“Sync helped me optimize my Databricks jobs and reduced costs by 70%. They make optimizing Databricks easy and pain free so I can focus on other important business tasks.” VY Sr. Engineer at Global Fortune 500 SaaS company with multi-million dollar Databricks spend

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