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Drop costs, hit your SLAs, and save time with Gradient’s automatic solution

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3 easy steps:





job metrics



to lower costs


Automatic and Continuous

  • Enable auto-apply for a “set and forget” optimization
  • Automatically adjusts to varying data sizes
  • Simultaneously lower costs while obeying SLA constraints

Management Dashboard for Complete Control

  • See your total Gradient ROI
  • Single pane of glass for the statuses of all jobs
  • Quickly find new actions to take

Custom Trained
ML Algorithms

  • Core model is based on historical performance information
  • Custom trained models for each job
  • Auto-adjusts to varying data sizes

Metrics Timeline

  • Learn why your job performance is changing over time
  • Quickly identify root causes for any runtime and cost anomalies
  • Monitor total job costs for DBUs + Cloud costs

Discover new Opportunities

  • General efficiency tips
  • Find new insights across your workspaces
  • Quickly find the best jobs to import to Gradient

Detailed Cluster Recommendations

  • See how Gradient tunes each cluster parameter
  • Choose manual or auto-apply
  • Watch the impact of each tuning on performance

Enable Auto-Apply for Optimization at Scale

  • A true “set and forget” experience to free up your time
  • Enables optimization at scale for hundreds of jobs
  • Instantly upgrade your team’s Databricks expertise

Compatible with Your 
Cloud Infrastructure

  • Integrates with Databricks Workflows or Airflow
  • Sync APIs enable full customization
  • Compatible with AWS and Azure today

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