Our Mission

To create a new level of control for data + AI infrastructure

About Us
Spun out of MIT, we’re a company founded on making cloud infrastructure easier to understand and control. Our team thrives on solving hard technical challenges and bringing solutions to the world.


Data and AI workloads on the cloud are used in production in enterprises around the world, impacting revenue, costs, and product performance.  However, the sheer complexity of these workloads make it difficult to bridge low level computing properties to high level business goals.
Our vision is to bridge this gap between computing and business and to make it easy for enterprises to stay efficient, agile, and informed.

Our team

Hailing from MIT, UC Berkeley, Harvard, Intel, Microsoft, MongoDB, Databricks, Cloudera, Amazon, Compass, Netflix, CloudHealth, New Relic, and Palantir, with PhDs in Distributed Computing, Data Engineering, and Cloud Infrastructure, the Sync team brings a radical new approach to optimizing cloud computing.

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