We’re hiring, let’s build.

What are we building?

At Sync we’re building something that is really hard.  We’re trying to disrupt a $100B industry where some of the world’s biggest companies live. On top of that, we’re attacking a layer in the tech stack that is mired in complexity, history, and evolution.

So why do we think we’re going to win?  Because we are approaching the problem in an entirely new way.  Nobody has ever tried to build what we’re building before.  We are making deep mathematical optimization available to end users via a SaaS product that will be fully integrated into their existing workflows.  We have the team, the investors, and the vision to push forward down a path, and we’re looking for mission oriented people who revel in difficulty and love a challenge.

Why work for Sync?

At Sync, we offer market competitive salaries, company equity, flexible time off, 100% health insurance coverage, parental leave, standard benefits, 401K, and company retreats.  Internally we have employee lecture talks, zoom coffee breaks, live zoom games (with prizes), and dedicated slack channels for puzzles and food.

All employees get a Mac laptop and an office stipend that makes your work life better.  Since we’re a fully remote company, each employee’s needs are different and you should be free to customize.  

Although work is important, nothing is more important than your personal life, family, and health.  We don’t ask employees to pull all-nighters or work on weekends.  Personally, I have 3 kids and understand that my time isn’t always my own.  Sometimes we have to drop things and go to a recital.  In general, we have a “grad school” mentality – all we ask is for you to try to hit your high level goals on time – how, where, and when is up to you.

What will you be working on?

You will be working on a new SaaS product aimed at changing the way developers control cloud infrastructure.  To clarify, we’re not building another framework for developers to build new systems on (we think there are enough options).  Instead – we are building the core intelligence and automation that developers will utilize in their existing workflows.  Our product must be accurate, performant, and simple to use. 

The product is technically deep, rich, and solves a very challenging customer pain.  You will find no shortage of technical challenges that will push you to think in new ways and force you to learn new skills.

Who should apply?

We’re looking for mission oriented people who revel in a challenge and value building something new.  As a startup, we value people who understand the flexibility, grittiness, and determination that is required when tackling such a daunting mission with an early stage company.  We are looking for people who understand how to move fast and efficiently, how to communicate with the team, align on goals, receive feedback, and push forward.  Time is our most scarce resource.

What is the interview process like?

The process starts with a chat with our head of talent who is looking for high level goal alignment and culture fit.  The next phase is a meeting with the hiring manager who will dive deeper into the role and assess technical fit.  The final phase is a panel interview with 3-4 current employees who will assess technical, culture, and goal fits.  The full panel then meets to discuss and a final decision is made.  Assuming all schedules align, the process can be as fast as 2 weeks from first call to offer.

Who will I be working with?

Depending on the role you’re applying for, you’ll be placed on the appropriate team with a manager.  The team’s background is quite diverse, spanning PhDs from top universities to cloud infrastructure and product veterans, to early career folks. 

Where will I work?

The team is fully remote.  You can work from wherever you like within the United States.  We’re a remote first company and have been from the start.  To help foster a human connection, we sponsor company wide retreats focused on goal alignment and just hanging out.

How do I apply?

If all of this sounds appealing, please check out our job postings to see if anything is a match.