April 2024 Release Notes

release notes

Our April releases are here! Take a look at Sync’s latest product updates and features.

Sync’s Databricks Workspace health check is now self-serve and available as a notebook that you simply download and run on your own.

With the notebook, you’ll be able to answer questions such as:

⚙️ What is the distribution of job runs by compute type?
⚙️ What does Photon usage look like?
⚙️ What are the most frequently used instance types?
⚙️ Are APC clusters being auto-terminated or sitting idle?
⚙️ What are my most expensive jobs?

The best part? It’s a free tool that gives you actionable insights so you can work toward optimally managing your Databricks jobs clusters. Head here to get started.

Hosted Log Collection for Microsoft Azure

You’re now able to easily onboard your Databricks jobs on Azure. With Sync-hosted collection within Gradient, users are able to minimize onboarding errors with a “low-touch” integration process.

Want to give new features a try and learn more about the latest Gradient updates? Get started for free here.

Job Metrics Timeline View

Track custom Spark and Gradient metrics for your projects directly from the Gradient dashboard. With this enhanced view, you’re able to visualize metrics like core hours, number of workers, input data, and more!

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