January 2024 Release Notes

Exciting things are happening at Sync as we move further into the new year!

Ensuring that our users are equipped with the tools to fully manage the automation of their infrastructure is always top of mind. With the most recent iteration of Gradient, Sync users are able to take advantage of a toolkit that makes optimizing Databricks clusters even better.

Here’s what’s new in the latest version of Gradient:

Org Settings

Org Settings is now available in the main navigation bar in the Sync Dashboard. Users are able to navigate to the Org Settings tab to find personal user information, a comprehensive list of API keys, and a list of organization users with their user details.

With Org Settings, users will see a consolidated list of personal information, API keys, and account users directly in the Sync UI.

Stay up to date with the latest feature releases and updates at Sync by visiting our Product Updates documentation. Ready to start getting the most out of your Databricks job clusters? Reach out to us at info@synccomputing.com.