How a Disney Senior Data Engineer Obtained 80% Cost Savings using Gradient

Disney job speedup from 90 min. to 24 min.

Sr. Data Engineer at Disney Streaming

In the self-written blog post below, a Sr. Data Engineer chronicles his experience with the Spark Gradient for EMR. In the blog post we helped accelerate a job from 90 to 24 minutes, which was amazing to see!

The first job I put into the gradient went from processing in around 90 minutes to 25 minutes after I changed the configurations, only using a slightly larger cluster. However, that time save makes up for using more nodes, so it definitely worked to our advantage.

Matthew Weingarten

Extrapolated over a full year, our anticipated savings to his company was over $100K on AWS! Obviously this doesn’t include the extra time savings of removing the current manual guesswork of provisioning clusters.

User’s blogpost here