Core tech

Nature inspired optimization

The Principle of Least Action

Newton’s Laws of Mechanics, Maxwell’s Equations of Electromagnetism, and Quantum Field Theory can all be interpreted as nature’s attempt to minimize energy.  If harnessed correctly, physical systems can solve optimization problems with minimal effort and far more efficiently than today’s computers.   Turns out nature can beat computer scientists at their own game.


The 1000x breakthrough

The original technical innovation by the Sync founders, published in Nature’s Scientific Reports, demonstrated that it is possible to harness nature’s desire to minimize energy using a standard electronic circuit showing that a physical system could solve optimization problems 1000x faster than GPUs using massively manufacturable electronic circuits..

The >$100B Application

These algorithms can provide a radically new way to accelerate jobs, lower costs, and decrease our computing carbon footprint on the cloud.  The technology is agnostic to software platforms, cloud providers, and hardware type – perfect for today’s constantly changing cloud environment.  Our vision is to be your cloud concierge, providing a gateway to the cloud.  Just submit a job to Sync, and we’ll point you where you need to go.